Mavi Tuna A.Ş. is active in marine vessels industry, especially Superyachts and Marine Workboats, including engineering, naval auxiliary machineries technical sales, equipment spare parts sales and technical service in many different coastline regions of Turkey. Mavi Tuna A.Ş. is committed to support sustainable development in all of its technical and sales operations.

The approach which Mavi Tuna A.Ş has adopted to corporate sustainability is built on an awareness of its economic and environmental to all its internal and external stakeholders. Accordingly, Mavi Tuna A.Ş conducted an intensive dialogue with stakeholders both within and outside its own organization since 2002 in order to develop its sustainability strategy. This work was carried out by the Mavi Tuna A.Ş Sustainability Committee, which meets regularly and includes representatives of Mavi Tuna A.Ş’s various operations and departments.

Mavi Tuna A.Ş’s sustainability strategy, drawn up with Mavi Tuna A.Ş’s fields of influence and sustainable development goals in mind, is built on the following three foundations:


Doing Right Business

In carrying out its work trustworthy and honestly, in time and to the highest quality, Mavi Tuna A.Ş ensures that a responsible and ethical approach is adopted at every level.

Mavi Tuna A.Ş broadens the scope of its risk management so as to address economic and environmental issues in an integrated manner.

As part of its responsible supply chain management, Mavi Tuna A.Ş encourages, trains, monitors and improves its business partners, subcontractors and suppliers.

Mavi Tuna A.Ş also works towards raising awareness of sustainability among its branches and clients.


Caring for Employees

Mavi Tuna A.Ş protects the health and safety of its employees and subcontractors.

Mavi Tuna A.Ş works to increase employee loyalty and to promote the more active involvement of employees in decision-making mechanisms.

Mavi Tuna A.Ş invests in the training and development of its employees and provides them with equal opportunities for training and development.

Mavi Tuna A.Ş works to impart an awareness of sustainability to its employees.

Making Good Environmental Conditions

Mavi Tuna A.Ş works with the suppliers and solution partners who takes care, measures and reports on their environmental impact, sets targets and carries out improvements.

Mavi Tuna A.Ş develops and implements environment-friendly marine solutions.

Mavi Tuna A.Ş puts green office applications into practice and encourages its employees to respect the environment.