Reverse Osmosis Watermaker


Tecnicomar SW8 series RO watermakers designed to produce high quantity of fresh water.

The Standard systems are covering a wide range of production from 1.25 m3/hour to 10 m3/h; higher capacity are available on request and are generally designed appositely according to the requested specification.
Ideal for offshore platforms, jack-up rigs, bulk carriers and other types of commercial vessels, the SW8 Reverse Osmosis watermakers are made up of high quality components that perfectly fit for marine applications, ensuring high performance in continuous operation even in hard environment conditions. 
These systems could be equipped with an emergency recovery system which allows a significant decrease of power consumption as well as an increase of system efficiency. 
The SW8 Reverse Osmosis watermakers also come complete with an electro-mechanical control panel which gives the maximum reliability of correct operation in any conditions. We are able to design every possible customization, including a wide range of accessories also inside the skid frame allowing to save space and obtain a plug&play system.
Other optionals for such as dosing system and post filtration are available for each model as loose parts.