Reverse Osmosis Watermaker 

The small Oasi Reverse Osmosis watermakers are the choice when power or space is an issue. 
Available in 12-24V DC can be used in very small sailing boats and  yacht connected to the batteries, solar or wind power sources without the need of a generator; ideal to stay free from the constraints and expenses of marinas. These new-generation watermakers use a low-pressure pump connected to a water pressure intensifier to reach the operating pressure needed for the fresh water production.
The solution allows to reduce the energy consumption requiring more energy only at the initial stage starting the low pressure pump to bring the water into the watermaker intensifier.
The OASI excells for hands-on simplicity and high quality components like the stainless steel base, clamps and high pressure fittings; With is small modular configuration could be easier installed in really tight speces. 
On request, the OASI can be supplied with automatic membrane flushing, electronic control box and a remote control.