XT Fins™

Quantum XT™ (extendable) Fin Stabilizer is a semi-retractable boat stabilizer fin system. Quantum’s XT fin stabilizer system for ships provides optimal stabilizer performance at Zero Speed and underway through fin variations.

Quantum’s XT stabilizer fin is designed with a retractable foil. For Zero Speed operations, the foil extends out of the pocket, increasing the effective fin area and improving Zero Speed stabilizer performance. For underway operations, the foil remains retracted within a pocket in the XT stabilizer fin. By keeping the foil retracted, the total exposed ship stabilizer fin area is less. Reducing the fin area lessens appendage drag and total outreach




The MAGlift™ Rotor Stabilizer Advantage – Applying the Magnus Effect to Boat Stabilizers

Quantum’s team of marine engineers, naval architects and hydraulic system designers understood that a motion control solution for low speed stabilization required a paradigm shift from the traditional fin stabilizer working principle for design and active stabilizer technology. As world leaders in motion control, Quantum takes pride in finding innovative solutions to hydraulic stabilizer challenges. Based on the Magnus Effect, Quantum’s patented MAGLift™ design uses hydraulic power to deploy and rotate composite cylinders directed by the SMC 4000 stabilizer control unit. This advanced technology provides roll reduction at anchor, and at lower speeds.



Quantum’s Dyna-Foil™ fully retractable dual purpose fin stabilizer systems are the most technologically advanced in the world. This revolutionary stabilizer system features a unique foil design that represents a revolutionary approach to fin stabilizer operating principles.

The DYNA-FOIL™ retractable fin creates a dynamic self-induced lift for outstanding Zero Speed™ operation and a highly efficient lift to drag coefficient for superior underway operations.



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