Who we are

MAVITUNA MUM. MUH. MAK. SAN. VE TIC A.S., established as a family company in 2002,

As the company’s philosophy, our company has worked, and is still working, with only 9 Foreign suppliers since its establishment in 2002. Located in Istanbul Tuzla, The heart of the Turkish Maritime Sector, our company continues to provide the best and highest quality services for its customers with the 3 engineers employed as well as the sales and after sales points with completely trained and skilled personnel spread out to 22 locations at all Turkish coastal line. Furthermore, in addition to sales and service, our company serving its customers with all types of electrical projects design works to be used in the new building projects, load analysis and even technical expertise where required. Moreover, addressing to the boutique needs, which are not provided in the country, we are satisfying the special customer requirements such as purchasing from abroad and delivering to the customer at the desired address rapidly (transit trade). In addition, since early 2012, our company is serving the end buyers with an online-shop store, where they can buy at the internet. ou want to order any goods by online, please fill the below form and create the new account and start to order just now. When we receive your account with order confirmation, we will start to process the order and ship by local courier asap.



Mavi Tuna A.Ş. delivers trusted very well known marine auxiliary machineries and equipments solutions.


To grow faster than the market by being customer-focused and  achieving higher profitability through operational excellence.

Mavi Tuna the values of our mind;

Inspire confidence
Socially committed
Forever challenging
Customer driven managements
Taylor made and refinedly solutions




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Total Completed Projects

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