As the company’s philosophy, our company has worked, and is still working, with only 9 Foreign suppliers since its establishment in 2002.All these companies are very well known companies all over world for pleasure, leisure and commercial applications.                                         

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Furthermore, in addition to sales and service, our company serving its customers with all types of electrical projects design works to be used in the new building projects, load analysis and even technical expertise where required.  

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About Us

Located in Istanbul Tuzla, The heart of the Turkish Maritime Sector, our company continues to provide the best and highest quality services for its customers with the 3 engineers employed as well as the sales and after sales points with completely trained and skilled personnel spread out to 22 locations at all Turkish coastal line.
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XT™ Extandable Fins Systems for all mega yachts

The XT™ (extendable fin) system delivers roll reduction underway and Zero Speed™ performance while reducing both the fin footprint and appendage drag. Variable geometry fins extend only when needed: at anchor. Underway, the extensions retract into the fin body to reduce drag, making XT™ systems well suited for vessels with high service speeds. In many cases, the availability of XT™ fins means that your vessel can achieve Zero Speed™ capability with two fins, as opposed to four.

Reliable solutions for treatment Systems
Since 30 years Tecnicomar builds and designs desalination and reverse osmosis water purifiers for marine and civil responding to the highest standards of quality and reliability.The international dimension is achieved through experience, the technological standard of its products and a great attention to the needs of the market served by a commercial and international technical assistance, is the natural consequence of a commitment that sees today among the leading manufacturers the industry worldwide.